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Coumadin clinic

Coumadin is a challenge that requires open and candid communication between the patient and the provider. Close drug monitoring along with careful consideration of diet, medications, and activities is essential to maintain optimal Coumadin levels and ensure safety.

At Salem Family Practice, it is our mission to deliver the most thorough and convenient Coumadin Management at the lowest out of pocket expense to the patient. We are very pleased to offer a Coumadin Clinic for our established patients. Appointments can be scheduled through our regular scheduling process. During your visit you will see a Nurse Practitioner who will check your PT/INR with a fingerstick and if indicated, adjust your medications while you are in the office and also discuss any problems or questions you may have related to your Coumadin Therapy. To make the most of your visit, please come with your current Coumadin dose schedule, a list of any new medications and any questions for your provider.



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